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Rosa Splendiani and Giuseppe TeodoriDuring the 60’ Mrs Rosa Splendiani and her husband Giuseppe are land farmers in a tiny little village on the hills of Italy’s Marche region. Suddenly Giuseppe has an accident that leaves him barely alive, but no longer fit to carry out the customary hard physical work. Invalid, he is therefore forced to find another occupation, that is fit to his condition. Together with his wife and little child, he decides to move to the town of Mogliano, once known for its craftsmen and their art of wicker weaving. He finds out to have great ability and his talent makes him contended by most craftsmen in town. However, it is thanks to Mrs Rosa’s intuition that the two open their own workshop producing accessories, small furniture and other rattan items. Giuseppe’s skill and Rosa’s business attitude lead quite soon to a certain success. Of course, it is a mom-and-pop business that relies upon the hard work of the two, then helped by 2 or 3 coworkers in a workshop set up in an ancient townhouse in Mogliano.

A first turnaround takes place when their son Aldo, after leaving a safe career as school teacher, joins his parents business. He’s got two important intuitions: he finds a new market in rich Brianza (northern Italy, south of Milan) and he sets up a sort of catalogue, consisting of a collection of pictures, enough to show potential customers their items and to collect orders. This system proves to be more effective compared to the previous door to door sale.

A second milestone is the construction, in 1982, of a proper factory located in the outskirts of Mogliano. The individual firm is converted in a limited liability company and Aldo Teodori, now majority stockholder, officially takes the lead and becomes director. The business takes on an almost industrial dimension, in which the traditional crafting skills are arranged in a rational and organised context The following period is a story of growth and success, the company widens its market and employs up to 25 people. During the early 90’ the whole business sector suffers from a bad crisis, due mainly to a sharp decline in the demand for rattan furniture and to the rising cost of labour. Many companies find themselves in troubled waters, smaller businesses have to shut down. At Rosa Splendiani srl it’s time for tough decisions. Manpower is reduced, production is turned around and organised towards a high quality product, huge investments are made in production technology and modern machines. Production is coupled with the import of finished and semi-finished products, made of rattan at first and then from wood as well.

Thanks to the long experience acquired in many years of import of raw materials from the Far East, the new setting proves to be successful and is hence organised in a more structured way. Soon Rosa Splendiani becomes a benchmark for so-called ethnic or colonial style furniture, having a complete range, an exhaustive catalogue and mostly important  a substantial stock that enables us to have almost every item available straight away. The product range and the collections have grown constantly: in particular since 2000 our range include a wide choice of outdoor furniture. At this point we face a strong need for bigger headquarters and warehouse; when Alessandro Teodori, Aldo’s son and third generation to take over the business, joins the company an expansion project is undertaken, building a new warehouse with offices and showroom. Rosa Splendiani headquarters

The project is completed in 2004 and features modern logistic infrastructure, vast space and allows a further growth in turnover. We can now count on a total of 6.000 square meters of buildings and another 13.000 square meters of outdoor area. The new showroom of 500 square meters is available for our customers and our offices are equipped with advanced hardware and software, enabling us to provide real time information about availability for every single item.Rosa Splendiani sales department

Core in-house production has been kept and updated with contemporary design. A team of sales representatives completes the marketing network. We may claim to be a solid and modern business, however we never forget about our humble origins which remind us that success stems from reliability, passion and devotion to work.

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